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Grande Prairie Lawyers Specializing in Criminal Law

Facing a criminal offence can be the most stressful experience. You would need the help of professional lawyers who have years of practice and insight behind them. Banks, Gubbins and Andrews has a team of experienced lawyers in Grande Prairie who are ready to defend your rights. Christian Banks, Kevin Gubbins and Jeremy Andrews are aggressive trial lawyers with deep experience in defending clients charged with federal and provincial offences in both Alberta and British Columbia.

Kevin Gubbins and Christian Banks both practiced in Edmonton, and moved to Grand Prairie in order to better service the Peace Valley area. Surrounding communities that we’ll travel to include Fox Creek, Valleyview, High Prairie, Fairview, Slave Lake, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Chetwynd, Fahler, High Level, Jasper, Hinton, Grande Cache, Beaverlodge, Spirit River, and any other community in the area.

With our years of experience in criminal law, Banks, Gubbins and Andrews will aggressively defend your case. Our familiarity with the local court systems, judges, and our good rapport with all those involved in the criminal justice system are effective in securing the best possible outcome for our clients. We believe communication is the key to any successful case. From the initial meeting to trial preparation, we are committed to answering all your questions.

Our Practice Areas 

While Banks, Gubbins and Andrews specialize in impaired driving and narcotics offences, we have taken on cases in many other criminal law practice areas. Here is a list of services that our team of lawyers provide: 

Impaired Driving 

This is the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which can lead to the suspension of your driver’s licence. 

Drug Offences 

It signifies the possession, use or sale of any drug or intoxicating substance prohibited by law. 

Bail Hearings 

It is a court process where a judge will decide if a defendant should be held in custody or released. We provide assistance to our clients through the entire process, including bail hearings.  

Domestic Violence 

Domestic Violence is abusive behaviour in a marriage or cohabitation, which takes a number of forms including physical and verbal. These acts can range from subtle and coercive behaviour, to severe physical abuse. It can involve violence against children, parents or the elderly. 

Federal Offences 

When someone is charged with a specific offence under federal law, such as the Canadian Criminal Code, it is known as a federal offence.  

Provincial Offences 

These include careless driving, gaming and liquor offences. We have a team of professional lawyers in Grande Prairie who can fight your case. 

Free Consultation  

Book your free initial consultation with Banks, Gubbins and Andrews today if you or a family member has been charged with a criminal offence. Unlike civil lawyers who may charge more, our fees are transparent and discussed up front. We explore possible defence opportunities and prepare sound legal arguments on your behalf. 

 Contact Us Today! 

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