Bail Hearings: What You Need to Know

Bail hearings play an important role in the Canadian criminal justice system, protecting the rights of individuals charged with a criminal offence. As the Supreme Court of Canada stated in the 2015 decision R. v. St-Cloud: “The repute of our criminal justice system rests on the deeply held belief of Canadians that the right to […]

Driving Impaired by Marijuana

In Canada, with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in 2018, concerns have been raised about a potential increase in impaired driving. The incidence of impaired driving is already high, and four Canadians die each day as a result. The Criminal Code makes it an offence to operate a motor vehicle when impaired by […]

Why You Should Call a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Being charged with a criminal or quasi-criminal offence is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, causing fear, worry and uncertainty. There are many possible negative consequences that flow from a conviction, including the possibility to be fined large sums of money, placed on probation and even incarceration. Hiring an experienced […]

How to Prepare for Bail Hearings

You’ve been arrested and charged with a criminal offence. The police refuse to release you for one or more reasons: you pose a threat to society, you risk re-offending, you’ll skip out on trial, etc. So, what happens next? A bail hearing is held. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees “the right to […]

Domestic or Spousal Violence Charges

What is Domestic Violence? Often “domestic violence” is really “spousal violence,” which is an allegation that one domestic partner assaulted the other. This can include parties who are married, common law or in a sexual relationship but not cohabitating. By contrast, “family violence” is the term often used if the allegation is about one family […]

How to Protect Yourself in a Police Investigation

Being approached, arrested and/or detained can be a frightening ordeal. Your very freedom may be under threat and what happens next may depend on what the police believe to be true. There are ways you can protect yourself, however, by being knowledgeable about your rights, consulting with a lawyer right away, seeking your release, and […]