Domestic or Spousal Violence Charges

What is Domestic Violence?

Often “domestic violence” is really “spousal violence,” which is an allegation that one domestic partner assaulted the other. This can include parties who are married, common law or in a sexual relationship but not cohabitating. By contrast, “family violence” is the term often used if the allegation is about one family member against another (e.g., a parent is charged with assaulting his or her child or a child assaults a sibling, parent or elder). Family violence allegations are handled by the same prosecutors and court as allegations of spousal violence.
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How to Protect Yourself in a Police Investigation

Being approached, arrested and/or detained can be a frightening ordeal. Your very freedom may be under threat and what happens next may depend on what the police believe to be true. There are ways you can protect yourself, however, by being knowledgeable about your rights, consulting with a lawyer right away, seeking your release, and appearing in court as required. The lawyers of Banks, Gubbins and Andrews Criminal Law can make a difference in the outcome for you.
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