Driving Impaired by Marijuana

In Canada, with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in 2018, concerns have been raised about a potential increase in impaired driving. The incidence of impaired driving is already high, and four Canadians die each day as a result.

The Criminal Code makes it an offence to operate a motor vehicle when impaired by alcohol or drugs. The section adds a note of clarity that impairment may also be by a combination of alcohol and drugs together. With the legalization of marijuana, the government has passed new regulations to enhance the detection and new punishments for drug impaired driving.

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Why You Should Call a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Being charged with a criminal or quasi-criminal offence is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, causing fear, worry and uncertainty. There are many possible negative consequences that flow from a conviction, including the possibility to be fined large sums of money, placed on probation and even incarceration.

Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer can help reduce the stress and worry, and ensures you receive proper representation to help your matter reach the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of a time. Banks Gubbins & Andrews Criminal Law in Grand Prairie has over 50 years of combined experience defending individuals charged with all types of criminal offences, including both federal criminal charges and provincial regulatory offences.

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How to Prepare for Bail Hearings

You’ve been arrested and charged with a criminal offence. The police refuse to release you for one or more reasons: you pose a threat to society, you risk re-offending, you’ll skip out on trial, etc. So, what happens next? A bail hearing is held.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees “the right to not be denied reasonable bail without just cause,” and at Banks, Gubbins and Andrews Criminal Law in Grande Prairie, Alberta, our team of experienced criminal defence lawyers is committed to working round the clock to ensure that right is upheld. As specialists in a range of criminal offence proceedings, including bail and judicial release hearings, we can help you take the necessary steps to prepare in order to build a foolproof case.

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What To Do If You Are Charged Or Held For a Drug Offence Charge

In Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (the “Act”) governs criminal offences for drug possession and trafficking. The legislation contains schedules of substances that the Act applies to, with the severity of penalties varying depending on whether the offence relates to a schedule I, II, III or IV substance, how much of the substance is in issue, and other factors.

Being charged with illegally possessing or trafficking a controlled substance can carry serious consequences. In some cases, minimum sentences apply, and some offences carry sentences up to a life term in prison.

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Driving Under the Influence: Potential Consequences and Charges

Driving under the influence is a criminal offence punishable under the Criminal Code. If convicted, you’ll wind up with a criminal record and face various consequences, the nature of which depend upon the specific circumstances involved. If you’ve been charged with impaired driving in Grande Prairie, hiring a criminal lawyer from Banks, Gubbins and Andrews Criminal Law might lead to more favourable results. While there are no guarantees, many of our clients have seen their cases dismissed.  Those who simply plead guilty to charges laid will face the full extent of the law.

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When Your Child has Been Arrested for a Drug Offence: A Guide for Parents

In Canada, youth courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any offence alleged to have been committed by a youth aged 12 to 17 years pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act 2002   (“the Act”). The Act ensures that in the event of your child being arrested you will be notified. Notice to parents (or other relative or adult) when there is arrest or detention must be given by the officer in charge as soon as your child is detained, or as soon as possible, orally or in writing, advising the location of detention and the reason the arrest.

A drug offence arrest can be overwhelming, but should find out about the scenario, how arrival at the station went, the interview and questions, how searches were conducted and how to get legal help. A drug offence lawyer in Grand Prairie, Alberta can help with legal protection each step of the way in a criminal defence case.

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Domestic or Spousal Violence Charges

What is Domestic Violence?

Often “domestic violence” is really “spousal violence,” which is an allegation that one domestic partner assaulted the other. This can include parties who are married, common law or in a sexual relationship but not cohabitating. By contrast, “family violence” is the term often used if the allegation is about one family member against another (e.g., a parent is charged with assaulting his or her child or a child assaults a sibling, parent or elder). Family violence allegations are handled by the same prosecutors and court as allegations of spousal violence.
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How to Protect Yourself in a Police Investigation

Being approached, arrested and/or detained can be a frightening ordeal. Your very freedom may be under threat and what happens next may depend on what the police believe to be true. There are ways you can protect yourself, however, by being knowledgeable about your rights, consulting with a lawyer right away, seeking your release, and appearing in court as required. The lawyers of Banks, Gubbins and Andrews Criminal Law can make a difference in the outcome for you.
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