Domestic Violence

Professional Domestic Violence Lawyer in Grande Prairie

Domestic Violence Court is a special court process for family members or partners with a prior relationship. The law firm of Banks, Gubbins and Andrews knows this process well and has experience in defending clients in Domestic Violence court in the Peace Country region. Are you facing a charge such as assault, criminal harassment, threats or mischief? As a trusted Domestic Violence lawyer in Grande Prairie, we understand your rights and have experience with all types of cases, whether the abuse is of a sexual, physical or psychological nature.

Domestic Violence often refers to Spousal Violence where one domestic partner assaults the other. However, this area of law goes beyond husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend relationships and includes various age groups and all types of relationships.

Changing No Contact Orders in Domestic Cases

Very often when people are arrested and released from custody in domestic cases, they are forced to have no contact with their family members or loved ones and have to move out of their homes, all because of a police or court order. This can have a devastating and expensive effect on families or couples. What people may not know is that those orders can be changed. Banks, Gubbins and Andrews have the tools to assist in changing those orders, and to quickly minimize the damage such a drastic change can do to family units. The sooner a lawyer is contacted and hired, the sooner that can be done.

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Are you facing a criminal charge for the first time? In many cases, individuals find themselves before the courts for the first time due to allegations of Domestic Violence. In order to protect your rights, you should seek representation from an experienced Domestic Violence lawyer serving Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. Contact Banks, Gubbins and Andrews today for a consultation.