Federal Offences

Experienced Federal Offence Lawyer in Grande Prairie

Have you been charged with a crime and need an experienced federal offence lawyer in Grande Prairie? The law firm of Banks, Gubbins and Andrews is here to assist you. Obtaining proper legal counsel is imperative and should be done as early as possible in the criminal justice process. We have a track record of defending clients charged with offences under the Canadian Criminal Code, including the following:
• Fraud
• Theft
• Assault
• Sexual assault
• Driving that causes harm
• Mischief
• Damage to property
• Trespassing

Why Do I Need a Federal Offence Lawyer?

Federal offences as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada are serious charges that may come with life-changing consequences. If convicted, you will typically be faced with a criminal record. While some cases may be resolved through pre-trial proceedings, some may require a full criminal trial. As part of the legal process, you or your representative will need to appear in court. Banks, Gubbins and Andrews fully understands the situation you are in and is here to help you through the process every step of the way. If you have been charged with an offence under the Criminal Code, the time to seek legal representation is now. Contact us today for a consultation.