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Trusted Bail Hearing Lawyers in Grande Prairie

JP/Provincial Court/Queen's Bench

After an individual is arrested by the Police they may not be immediately released and may have to argue to be released pending a trial on the merits.  This process is known as the judicial interim release and your first instance hearing is generally conducted in front of a Justice of the Peace (JP) or in front of Provincial Court Judge. 


If you have already been denied bail at your first instance bail hearing then generally your only recourse is an application for bail review in the Court of Queen's Bench.

The lawyers at Banks Gubbins Andrews have extensive experience in helping clients prepare for their bail hearings, conducting the hearings and obtaining the release of our clients on bail pending their trial matters. Count on our bail hearing lawyers in Grande Prarie for your defence. 

Often a call to our office regarding bail occurs after someone is already in custody. But it is important to contact a lawyer at Banks Gubbins Andrews as soon as you may be aware the police are interested in arresting you as we can provide advice and legal guidance on how to best address to arrest process.  Often having a coordinated plan with your lawyer can give you the best chance at being released.

Our lawyer can:

•  Represent you at trial and court proceedings
•  Improve the chances of bail being granted
•  Assist you until the criminal charges are withdrawn
•  Make sure you are not detained any longer

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The lawyers at Banks Gubbins Andrews are very familiar with the local Grande Prairie and Peace Country bail procedure and the appropriate persons to deal with to obtain the best possible results in your bail application. Our lawyers have extensive experience and in all issues related to the judicial interim release process. In addition to bail hearing, our lawyers also provide legal representation for impaired driving, drug offence and domestic violence cases. Contact us today to speak to a local experienced criminal defence lawyer at Banks Gubbins Andrews.

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