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Driving Offences
IRS Appeals/Impaired/Over 80/Dangerous/Flight


Driving offences can include allegations of driving dangerously, flight from police, failing to remain at the scene of an accident, operating an motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or a drug, or operating a motor vehicle with either alcohol or a drug in your system over specific levels.


More recently the Province of Alberta has been issuing "Immediate Roadside Sanctions", or IRSs, where your right to drive is significantly impacted but no formal criminal charges are laid. 


It is critical that if you want to appeal these sanctions that you contact Banks Gubbins Andrews as soon as possible given the window for filing an appeal of an IRS is quite narrow.

The lawyers at Banks Gubbins Andrews have had excellent success defending people charged with these types of offences, due in large part to the sheer number of trials they have run and the level of preparedness and diligence they bring to every case.


Specifically, related to IRS Appeals, Orin Tomlinson has developed a successful practice in challenging these Government actions.

With their proven track record of success in DUIs, DWIs, and other related driving cases, you can be confident that your own case will be handled by a local professional. Contact us today to speak to a local experienced criminal defence lawyer at Banks Gubbins Andrews.

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