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Other Federal and Provincial Offences

Property/Administration of Justice

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In addition to the different  types of charges covered in other areas of this website there are variety of other offences under the Criminal Code that the lawyers at Banks Gubbins Andrews have experience in defending against. 


Such other offences include property offences (theft, fraud, mischief, break and enter, arson, etc..); administration of justice offences (breaching release orders, failing to appears, obstructing justice etc..) and a further wide variety of offences that 

In addition to matters falling under the Criminal Code the lawyers at Banks Gubbins Andrews also have represented clients on wide variety of offences under Provincial statutes including the Traffic Safety Act, the Gaming, Liqour and Cannabis Act, Petty Trespass Act among others.

Contact us today to speak to a local experienced criminal defence lawyer at Banks Gubbins Andrews.

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