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While Banks, Gubbins and Andrews will take on almost any criminal law case in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas, we specialize in Impaired Driving, Narcotics Offences, Bail Hearings, and Domestic Violence. Our experience spans federal and provincial courts in both Alberta and British Columbia. We are familiar with personnel, judges, and the local courts in Grande Prairie and its surrounding towns.

Impaired Driving
Impaired driving is an extremely complex and continually evolving area of law for which there are many issues relating to police investigations and a prosecutor’s ability to prove these cases. As well, this is the most common place where police disrespect individual rights in pursuit of a criminal conviction which has limitless potential to turn one’s world upside down with mandatory losses of driver’s licenses, minimum sentences, and jail for repeat offenders. Christian Banks has had excellent success defending people charged with these types of offences, due in large part to the sheer number of trials he has run and the level of preparedness and diligence he brings to every case, particularly drinking and driving cases. With his proven track record of success in DUIs, DWIs, and other related impaired driving cases, you can be confident that your own case will be handled by a local professional.
Narcotics Offences
Kevin Gubbins specializes in defending clients in criminal court who are charged with narcotics possession, trafficking, controlled substance offences, and drug production. His deep knowledge of the laws surrounding narcotics offences coupled with ongoing professional development to stay current with courtroom techniques and trends makes him a solid choice for anyone charged with a drug-related offence.
Bail Hearings
Banks, Gubbins and Andrews will help their clients through the entire custody process, including securing bail and judicial release hearings. Our firm is often called to help in situations where a potential client is already in custody. We are familiar with the local penal system and personnel and can easily arrange to meet clients who are currently in custody in either Alberta or British Columbia.
Domestic and Spousal Violence
Domestic Violence Court is a special court process for family members or partners with a prior relationship. Banks, Gubbins and Andrews know this process well and have experience in defending clients in Domestic Violence court in the Peace Country region.
Changing No Contact Orders in Domestic Cases
Very often when people are arrested and released from custody in domestic cases, they are forced to have no contact with their family members or loved ones and have to move out of their homes, all because of a police or court order. This can have a devastating and expensive effect on families or couples. What people may not know is that those orders can be changed. Banks, Gubbins and Andrews have the tools to assist in changing those orders, and to quickly minimize the damage such a drastic change can do to family units. The sooner a lawyer is contacted and hired, the sooner that can be done.
Federal Offences
Banks, Gubbins and Andrews have a track record in defending clients charged with other offences under the Canadian Criminal Code, including fraud, theft, assault, sexual assault, driving that causes harm, mischief, damage to property, and trespassing.
Alberta and British Columbia Provincial Offences
Careless driving, driving while suspended, gaming and liquor offences, commercial vehicle transport tickets, and other provincial offences have all been defended professionally by Banks, Gubbins and Andrews.