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What to do When Wrongfully Accused of a Crime

Being accused of committing a crime is scary and stressful, especially if you know that you did not actually commit the crime. There are many different reasons why you might be wrongfully accused, including an eyewitness identifying the wrong person or police misidentifying you as a suspect of a crime.

Regardless of why you were wrongfully accused, you'll want to defend yourself and try to clear your name. If you or someone you know is in this situation, you're in the right place. Read on to learn more about fighting false accusations.

Call a Lawyer

One of the first things you'll want to do if you are falsely accused is to call a criminal defence lawyer. You have the right to a lawyer, and you shouldn’t speak to any police officer without first speaking to a lawyer.

A lawyer can help you understand the accusations against you, how serious they are, what kind of evidence might exist, and what penalties you face if you are convicted. Be honest with your lawyer. You have lawyer-client privilege, so they can't share any of the information you tell them.

Remain Silent

If someone accuses you of a crime, don't say anything. While you might be tempted to try to defend yourself or explain things, you are better off by remaining silent. Don't speak to the police or investigators and allow your lawyer to handle all communication.

You should also refrain from making any statements to your family or friends as your conversations with them are not privileged. They could be called to testify against you in court. Know your rights, so you don't inadvertently do something to put yourself at a disadvantage.

Gather Documentation to Defend Yourself

You will need to assist your lawyer in gathering information to defend yourself. This is why it's so important, to be honest with them. You are paying them to defend you, so you need to give them all the relevant information to best do that.

To help your lawyer, you should gather the following:

  • Gather any documentation to prove where you were or what you were doing at the time of the crime you are accused of

  • Gather bank statements, investment statements, or other financial records if it is a business-related or financial crime

  • Collect any physical evidence related to the crime, such as clothing, videos, photos, or other items

  • Make a list of people who could testify to where you were or what you were doing at the time of the crime

You should share any information that you can gather that will help your lawyer fight these false allegations.

Defending Yourself After Being Wrongfully Accused

If you are wrongfully accused of a crime, you'll likely want to clear your name as quickly as possible. However, resist the urge to speak about the accusations until you've hired a lawyer. A criminal defence lawyer will advise you on how to proceed.

If you have been falsely accused and are in need of a lawyer, contact us today. We can conduct a case evaluation and share with you a potential plan of action to clear your name.

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